J&L Pogonotrophics

Founded in 2014

Based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Makers & Sellers of exceptional quality, small batch, hand-crafted, naturally pure grooming products - Beard Oil and More! - designed for bearded & hairy men - but have a universal appeal. And, available at a realistic price because we wish to allow more men to create their own version of epic.



  • INTRODUCING J&L APOTHECARY: Our new and developing line of products designed for those that are not bearded and hairy men. New brand, new formulas, new scents, new look! COMING LATE SPRING 2017
  • We have revamped our labels to make it easier to see and be universal across all our lines. On non-beard care products, color banding will be used to group products by their purpose. Expect to see these transition in over the coming weeks.
  • "FROM THE LAB" has been shuttered as it's own category to make room for the addition of J&L Apothecary. We will continue to introduce innovative products and scents but do so within our existing categories. We will still use "FROM the LAB" to identify these limited run and trial products.
  • Wish to know more about our scent options? Wonder what scents we use and what they are made of? Learn more here: SCENTS


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