J&L Pogonotrophics is focused on creating, making and selling high quality natural products that are designed for bearded and hairy gentlemen. Our goals are simple...


  • Be as natural and organic as possible, made from the purest ingredients.
  • Be diverse with our offerings to suit the varying needs of our core customers
  • Be available at a more reasonable price as compared to similar products



Our story begins with trying to find the right beard oil. Not finding the right solution for one's needs led to learning about what goes into a beard oil and truly why a beard oil is considered an ideal conditioning product for beard hair.


After deeply studying commonly available natural oils we identified oils with key properties that when combined in different ways leads to targeting specific identified properties.


Any oil will soften, condition and help hair over time. Finding the best oil to achieve the right level of conditioning for a range of hair types was our key motivator.


We now have 5 very different beard oils that tackle different types of beard hair or needs of the bearded man.

The progressive next step


With all that we learned we started to scratch the surface of what other bearded men may need. Finding huge holes in the personal care products industry we started to aim our focus onto products that suit the unique needs of bearded and hairy men.


Next for us was to develop a beard & body wash that was ideal for hair and skin care. A wash that would rinse cleanly away and not leave any residue or film behind; yet would make the skin and hair feel better and not itchy or dry.


Taking this same approach, we went after every key area of daily grooming for the men we are serving. We have targeted some common themes and developed some very awesome products.



Focused, not blind


Bearded and hairy gents are our target customer, but they are not the only folks that can benefit from our products.


Right away we learned that many women loved how our hair care and body wash products worked. They loved the way they performed and how they felt afterwards.


Our shaving products opened the door to more folks experiencing our quality products. Designed to help men to neaten the appearance of their facial hair but knowing that not all gents are able to have a full beard.


With our products being made from the most purest ingredients possible makes them a smart choice for anyone. No matter who chooses to use our products, we are still squarely focused on those men who are the core of our business - the bearded and hairy men of this world!



We have achieved many of our goals in creating our brand, and we will continue to do so as we grow. We also have a couple core values to our company that we feel sets us apart from most any company out there.


  • We wish to be open, honest and available to our customers and the public in general.
  • To focus on products and not lifestyles. We strongly believe it is not our place to create a style for you as we wish to embrace the belief that everyone deserves to create their own style.


Thank you kindly, J&L


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