We take privacy very seriously here at J&L. You are entrusting us with a lot of information and we do not wish for it to end up in the wrong hands.


None of your personal information that is provided to us is shared with anybody outside J&L Pogonotrophics for any reason. All credit card transactions are secure and your card details are not seen by us as it is processed by our merchant account processing and we only receive validation that your payment has been accepted. Your name, address, phone number and email is not stored on any of our computers, we only have access to this information through access to our secure shopping cart service provider. Your name and email address is linked to our Newsletter mailing list and can be removed upon receipt of any newsletters you receive from us. If our computers get hacked your identity and credit information would not be directly affected. Indirectly, your information is potentially stored on the servers of our service providers [Ecwid eCommerce, Stripe Merchant/gateway services, United states postal service].


We hate spam - the email kind! Any communication from us is limited to specifics about your order that require inquiry and an occasional newsletter that may get sent monthly or less frequently. of which You can opt out at any time via the link at the bottom of the newsletter.


We don't stake claim to own anything that relates to your identity, Anything you share with us on social media will always be yours.



Currently we ship exclusively via the United States Postal Service's Priority Mail for all domestic (U.S.) orders. International orders are shipped standard USPS Parcel post first class mail.


Shipping charges are a nominal fee charged to offset shipping costs and does not cover the full expense of shipping. Charges are a flat rate determined by the before tax total of your order before shipping charges. Free shipping is only available to orders totaling $50.00 USD before discounts and taxes.




All orders take a minimum of 1 business day to process. We do our best to process all orders by 11:00am each weekday to be shipped that day. Orders containing any form of customized services or packaging MAY take an additional day, longer for more detailed custom work.


We do not process orders for shipping on weekends or holidays. We may also close our offices for special events, festival participation and to meet other demands of our business. We do our best to ensure all orders that arrive during those times are expedited for processing.


We have absolutely zero control over the United States Postal Service. We cannot contact them to rush your order or provide any changes to the address and delivery instructions. We have no control over how they choose to delivery to your provided address and when they may do so. If they elect to hold your package at the local office that is out of our control as well. We use USPS because it permits direct delivery to any U.S. address, including apartment/condo buildings - even when you are not home! UPS and FedEx cannot do this, they are also more expensive and take longer to get to further destinations.


We provide a USPS Tracking number at the time we fully process your order. This tracking number becomes active once the pick-up order is scanned by the postal agent. Please allow up to 4 business days from that point to receive your package.



  • We cannot send your order to more than 1 address.
  • We do not offer express delivery - USPS is as fast as or faster than FedEx & UPS 3 day anyway.
  • The window to cancel an order is very narrow - we cannot cancel orders once processed!!!




If you decide you wish to change any or all of your order it requires cancellation of your entire order. We will refund your payment and you may either place a new order on our website or we can manually generate an order and issue an invoice (we will not ship until invoice is paid).


Our payment system is limited to where we can refund but cannot add charges, we are working towards a solution to this that ensures your safety.


YOU MUST CANCEL BEFORE IT IS PROCESSED! We will not refund your payment once the order has left our hands. If you insist upon returning/refusing your order, we will not refund payment until we have received the products back and they must be in perfect sell-able condition. A restocking fee is likely to apply.


see returns before for added information concerning returning unwanted goods.




All USPS Priority Mail orders are shipped insured.


We do our best to ensure your product is secured well for shipping. Things happen that are out of our control and we will do our best to rectify such situations.


  • First - take a picture of the packaging. This will aid in filing a claim.
  • Keep your packaging in case the postal service needs to inspect.
  • Tell us any information about the package that could matter.
  • We can only be held liable for the value of the product and shipping charges - we are not responsible for damage to anything else due to the handling by USPS.
  • We will either re-ship or refund your order as placed - we do not apply credits or give discounts for inconveniences. These matters are normal and related to e-commerce and mail order. We don't like that it happens, but it can.


We will work with USPS to process the claim. Do note that fraudulent information related to the claim is against Federal Law. Abuse will be tracked.


defectives, returns, refunds


Returns and refunds are fully supported for quality issues. Working with natural oils and butters can lead to unexpected one-of-a-kind results that we wish to address with you directly. Extreme temperatures during the transit of our products is often the biggest culprit. We want to help you if there are any issues, so please contact us with questions first. Please follow the recommended uses to evaluate and ensure the quality of our products. We cannot guarantee the quality of a product used outside of its intended purpose and proper use. Unsatisfactory results can occur if used improperly or without the proper accessories as noted in the product description.


Sometimes warming and/or gently mixing our product helps take care of common issues. Our Original Beard Butter, Beard Balms and Skin Cream may require brief refrigeration upon receipt if you reside in a very warm climate - simply and gently swirl the contents in the jar then place in a cool place or even the refrigerator to help it return to it's normal state. These items melt easily, that is part of how they work.


Defective product will receive a full refund for that item. Shipping fee is refunded only if the order was for a sole item that was defective.

Defective is defined as:

  • Broken, cracked, shattered glass or plastic containers, and/or plastic closures that prevent proper storage and protection of the item. Dings,dents or scratches is not considered a defect.
  • Oxidized/rancidity of oils. This can happen randomly due to heat
  • complete Separation of ingredients in our butters & waxes - can also be caused by heat.
  • Cooling can cause oils to layer by density, gently warm and shake to mix. Natural products do this, These are not defects.
  • Leaking bottles & jars - only the one(s) that actually leaked.

We will replace the item if you wish. The shipping is on us.


We make all of our products in small batches by hand. There will be inconsistencies, minor character traits and subtle oddities that comes with the nature of our materials. Such matters will not affect performance or quality.



If you receive a product and find that it clearly does not perform as presented for a natural personal care product, we will refund your purchase price of that item.  This does not apply to scent options - we will not issue refunds or accept returns for scented items that the scent is found to be unappealing to you. We do our best to describe our scents and note the ingredients for you to identify any potential issues.



Since our products are personal in nature, and to help us maintain our low prices, we do not require a return of opened or defective product. We are well aware that our products may not be pleasing to everyone, despite doing our best to describe anticipated results and scent properties we know that your experience may be very unique. We would LOVE to get your feedback for what you experienced with the product to help us improve it or develop new products.


We will not accept any returns without prior knowledge. Any items returned without prior authorization will be held pending contact from you. These items will be assessed a 10% restocking fee and no shipping charges will be refunded. If we do not receive written contact from you within 7 days we will close the matter without issuing any refunds and consider the product abandoned.


For those customers who do give us the feedback around why they were not happy with the product will be offered an alternative product or scent free of charge; or present a substantial discount for a future purchase.


We strive to offer you the best products and the most reasonable prices within our niche industry. We wish to avoid abuse of the Returns & Refunds policies. Use of these policies will be monitored closely.

Ultimately we want you to be happy with your purchase and want you to be able to feel confident about the current and future purchases you may make.


We love feedback, good or bad... and we want to help you with any issues you have. Please share with us your experiences directly so we can thank you and iron out any problems you may have. Our goal is to ensure those problematic things we have control over do not happen again.


Unlike many other companies out there, we are willing to adapt to change. Either we change our formulas to ensure a better performance for all, or we develop a new product that suits a need of which we were not fully aware. Open exchanges with customers and public at large led to many of the products we offer. If we can make something that is not already well covered in the market already, we will make it.


We mean what we say, when we say...


Thank you kindly,


J&L Pogonotrophics LLC

Chicago, IL 60626

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