More about scents

This list is provided as a courtesy to better inform our customers and to avoid allergy and sensitivity issues. Limited items offer the ability to order an unscented version. Do note that even unscented items will still have a scent of its own that may not be pleasant.


Some scent oil formulations are protected intellectual property of a 3rd party that we are unable to disclose their contents - if we knew the formulas we would! They are designed for body use and are non-toxic, made from natural oils and/or essential oils.


For any product not listed here please reference the product description and listed product contents for its ingredients.


FIRENZE - formerly BAY & ROSEMARY: bay laurel, rosemary and a touch of sage essential oils

BAY RUM: a classic scent created by Avon which has come back into style. [discontinues 1/1/2018]

LEXINGTON - formerly BOURBON & SANDALWOOD: familiar sandalwood scent paired with sweet burned sugar - our most popular scent!

ATHENS - formerly CLASSIC SPICE: frankincense, myrrh, amber essential oils

JAKARTA - formerly EXOTIC SPICE: patchouli (dark), lavender, eucalyptus, rose wood essential oils

HOWARD'S PIPE: cherry tobacco scent (discontinued)

OXFORD - a masculine cologne like scent that evokes cedar and leather scents

OCEANIA - formerly TEA TREE & LEMONGRASS: tea tree, lemon grass, eucalyptus essential oils

KUNUNURA - formerly TEAK & SANDALWOOD: warm somewhat floral wood notes

HAVANA - formerly TOBACCO LEAF: rich earthy sweet vanilla notes, like a fresh fine cigar. Akin to autumn leaves, nothing like a cigarette.

WOODSMAN: balsam, cedar, fir needle essential oils

TAROCCO - bitter citrus with blood orange, grapefruit and bergamot


This list does not include available scents from our DIY BEARD OIL CUSTOMIZER



JUNK OIL: Regular scent: lavender, bergamot essential oils; tea tree oil is used for the Tea Tree variant




SASQUATCH, FORTIFYING SHAMPOO, FORTIFYING CONDITIONER: lime essential oil, citrus herb 3rd party natural fragrance oil formula.


CHARCOAL & LEMONGRASS BAR SOAP: lemon grass essential oil added for its properties - not scented


DRY SCALP SHAMPOO: tea tree oil added for its properties - not scented


OATMEAL & PUMICE BAR SOAP: lime, bergamot essential oil


SHAVING OIL, AFTER SHAVE CREAM SHAVING LATHER SOAP: lime essential oil added for its properties - not scented.


ARGAN OIL HAIR TREATMENTS: not scented, available to be scented through our DIY BEARD OIL CUSTOMIZER



Almond Spice: warm nutty scent with ginger & coconut

Bergamot Lavender: bitter citrus balanced with soothing lavender oil

Cedar Leather: a cologne like scent that evokes the combination of its namesakes

Citrus Herb: lime, lemon and touch of basil or mint

Grapefruit Herb: grapefruit with rosemary, lemon & lime

Grapefruit Rhubarb: stronger pink grapefruit notes with a touch of bitter rhubarb

Matcha Mint: bright earthy scent with a subtle spearmint undertone

Pink Grapefruit: pure pink grapefruit oil

Rose-Peony: a very light fresh floral scent

Sea Storm: a darker take on a tropical scent, somewhat fruit like

Tea Tree: pure tea tree oil is added for scent and its properties for skin